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Amy Wofenden

Who is Amy?

Say hello to Amy Wolfenden, your vibrant Client Service Officer at Prydes Support. With her extensive skills and experiences, honed through her diverse roles including that of a Lifestyle Support Worker and a Residential Care Worker for vulnerable children, Amy is equipped to bring a unique perspective to her role. Her academic background in social science further reinforces her commitment and competence in this field.

Beyond her professional life, Amy is an ardent nature enthusiast with a soft spot for the beach, waterfalls, and thrilling 4x4 adventures. From bush walks to camping, she indulges in a variety of outdoor activities that reflect her adventurous spirit. A self-proclaimed 'collective eclectic,' Amy has a fondness for crystals and practices related to spirituality. She's not one to shy away from advocating for children's rights and the welfare of marginalised groups, proving that her work is not just her job, but her passion.

In the midst of her fulfilling professional and personal life, Amy finds time to enjoy her role as a mother of two and a wife. Family gatherings and visits to the skate park with her children are among her cherished moments. Amy also stands as a staunch ally of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Never one to fit into 'beige square holes,' Amy embraces her uniqueness, living her life like the shining supernova she was meant to be. She brings this infectious spirit to Prydes Support, making a difference in ways only she can. Join Amy as she continues to embrace her 'ridiculous awesomeness' and makes every day at Prydes Support a little brighter!

Amy Wolfenden: About
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