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Matt and Cam Co-Founders

Our Background

We (Elliott Mears and Cam Garland pictured above) created Prydes Support with Tiffany Ridler as we saw too many disability support providers who only saw their participants as paycheques. One really frustrating day of this we were saying we wish there was something that we could do to make a difference... Thus, Prydes Support was born.

We provide the best possible care to our participants and staff by listening to their requests and going the extra mile to honour them and if for some reason it isn't possible, we will do everything in our power to get the next best thing.

Prydes Support does not discriminate on anything. We don't see disability, gender, race, or sexuality. We just see people. We are proud to say that Prydes Support is an LGBTIQ+ friendly organisation!

We are a national disability support business with connections to multiple service providers. Reach out so we can give you a hand.

At this stage, we are currently an unregistered provider and are unfortunately only able to accept payment from plan managed or self-funded individuals.

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