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No matter what your needs are, you can count on Prydes Support for the disability support you deserve. We see each participant as a unique and deserving individual which is why we provide each participant with a tailored plan that is unique to them.


Social Connection

Social connections matter, building and maintaining strong relationships with family and friends helps us to feel happier, secure and give us a sense of purpose. People who feel more connected to others have lower levels of anxiety, depression, and higher self-esteem.
Your Prydes Support worker is here to help you attend activities and events that spark your interests, ensuring your community access is delivered safely.

In-Home Care

Prydes Support staff can assist you to keep your home how you like it. They can assist you with laundry, meal preparation, ironing, changing sheets, mopping floors, gardening, and more. For more intensive cleaning Prydes Support can arrange for a professional cleaner to assist.

participant cooking under supervision of carer
Personal Care.jpg

Personal Care

Our kind, respectful and sensitive staff will assist you with any personal care you require. They can assist with showering, toileting, dressing, grooming, and any other daily activities to maintain your comfort, dignity, and privacy.

Life Skills

Our friendly staff will assist you to achieve your goals and to maintain your independent living. Whether you want to learn how to prepare meals, read, write, paint and much more.

carer showing participant cooking skills
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Excercise & Fitness

Exercise and fitness can be performed in many ways, from going to the gym to going for a walk around the block. Your Prydes Support worker will be there to take you to any activity. Prydes Support offers weekly activities for all participants and staff to attend.

STA & Travel

Do you want to explore different locations in this big wide world? To support your independent living your support worker will take you, you might like to go to the beach, out for a coffee, or take a holiday.

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Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Work & Study Assistance

Do you work or study? Or would you like to be? Even if you are unsure about what you would want to do, your support coordinator can help. Your support worker can help by assisting you to be ready for your day of work or study, can take you and stay with you for the day.


We understand the importance of taking time for yourself to rest and recover. Prydes Support offers short (a few hours of care) or longer (overnight to a few days) respite. Short term accomodation (STA) can be arranged at regular intervals or we can arrange emergency accommodation if required.

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